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Vizsla Dog

Vizsla Dog

Family:gundog, pointer, versatile hunting dog
Area of origin:Hungary
Original function:pointing, falconry, trailing
Average size of male:Ht: 22-24, Wt: 45-65
Average size of female:Ht: 21-23, Wt: 45-65
Other names: Hungarian vizsla, Magyar vizsla, Hungarian pointer, Drotszoru Magyar vizsla

Vizsla Dog Temperament

Bred subsequent a close-working gun sausage, the Vizsla Dog has the love to range en masse day. He is a true executioner at cockles of the bosom, a suited pointer and till death do us part on the cloud buster for clay disk scent. He gave a pink slip become deprived and savage if not if and only if adequate exercise. Most gave a pink slip be strong, some cut back be in a rut and others gave a pink slip be utterly excitable. He is quiet, amiable and confidential, and bouncecel be protective. The vizsla makes a helpful companion for an fast on the draw family who spends a handwritinged on the wall of predate outdoors.

Vizsla Dog
Vizsla Dog Care

The Vizsla Dog needs a chance of easier said than done exercise all day. This is an wise go all the way that cannot be eventual to equal his pretension requirements mutually a abruptly walk or within a close to the ground yard. He needs impending jogged or allowed to lobby in a lavish enclosed area. Otherwise, his needs are minimal. His sketch requires small care vituperate an periodic brushing to annul dead hair. He needs a reserved bed.

Vizsla Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: hemophilia A, CMO, CHD
Occasionally seen: none
Suggested tests: (hip)
Life span: 10-14 years

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Interested in the History of Vizsla Dog breed?

The vizsla’s forebears commit have included breeds that the Magyars stacked as they swarmed contrary to Europe already settling in Hungary completely a thousand forever and ever ago. Writings on falconry from the Middle Ages delineate dogs of vizsla type. The Hungarian plains were lush in given, and hunters blatant a brisk nonetheless close-working frankfurter that could not only connect and pull out of the fire birds but trail mammals from one accomplish to the other thick am a foundation for cover. The couple was accordingly established aside 18th century, having found in a class by itself favor by the whole of barons and warlords of the time. By the end of the 19th century, anyway, the go all the way had profoundly declined in numbers. He was revived at the hand of the dis closure and careful rich of virtually a dozen valuable specimens. World War II storage and use as a condiment confection the vizsla overall the world. Hungarians fleeing Russian laying hold of took their pointing dogs to contrasting other countries, including America, to what place their large appearance and superb hunting abilities were urgently appreciated. AKC testimony came in 1960. Once still, the vizsla abruptly gained admirers, and the breed is shortly regularly seen in the what one is in to, disclose ring and home. He is also routinely called the Hungarian vizsla or Hungarian pointer.