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The Rabbit Housing Advice

The Rabbit Housing Advice

The Rabbit Housing Advice

Rabbit Housing

Housing options for rabbits have advanced dramatically in the past several years.

free-range dwelling in a rabbit-proofed house (with SUPERVISED out of doors playtime) is the appropriate scenario for a rabbit to stay up to its full potential and premiere lifespan. they are happier, healthier, and greater able to end up a complete-fledged member of your circle of relatives. There’s not anything like being greeted domestic by using a loving bunny after a hard day within the outdoor global!

If bunny desires a place of his/her very own at the same time as you’re not home, a roomy workout pen is the subsequent exceptional thing. It consists of a heavy wire “wall” which unfolds into an adjustable pen. It has no ground or ceiling, bearing in mind top air glide and a much less “closed off” feeling than a cage.

they may be offered in three one-of-a-kind heights: 24 in., 30 in., and 36 in. if you have a jumper. a few come to a gate.

Never put A RABBIT IN A SMALL twine CAGE OR an outdoor HUTCH. setting a rabbit in a wire cage is the equivalent of your being constrained to a closet. Sound comfy? the cord could be very awful for bunny feet, causing hock sores (which, if left untreated, can result in intense bone infections) and arthritis.

Placing a rabbit outside beneath any conditions is simply simply cruel. Depriving one of this social creature of interaction is a horrible aspect of doing to a rabbit, now not to say a chance to its health and life.

If different household factors (consisting of puppies or small kids) make caging your rabbit the more secure option, get a huge, roomy cage — even large for bonded pairs. every rabbit should have dwelling space not less than 4 times his or her length.

There are two-tale cages available now that most bunnies love. some cages look very furniture want to better healthy with your decor. maximum cage organizations will custom make their cages to your specifications.

no matter what shape of housing you decide on, your rabbit’s properly-being have to be your essential subject. remember the fact that, no matter how exceptional the cage is, no rabbit need to spend 24 hours a day locked up. Rabbits, just like other animals, want to exercise for appropriate bodily and intellectual health. So but you residence your bunny, ensure he or she receives some jogging around time and one-on-one interaction on an everyday basis. You’ll both enjoy the blessings of a healthy, satisfied bun.



There are numerous alternatives for flooring as properly. you may use throw rugs or indoor/outdoor carpeting if your bun isn’t a carpet muncher. (I buy the indoor/outdoor close to-napped carpet through the roll at domestic Depot.) avoid plush naps — they’re just too tempting.

For carpet munchers, you can use untreated grass mats. you may find out those on-line, or fee Plus sells them in strips of 9 12″ x 12″ squares. Grass mats must appearance and smell herbal, but in the event that they’re brilliant or have a chemical odor don’t use them.

It’s fine if your bunny eats the grass matting, but carpet ingesting must by no means be allowed. Carpet fibers can acquire in bunny’s stomach, inflicting a blockage that can be deadly. To protect carpeted home areas, try a massive piece of linoleum or plastic runners with carpeting or straw mats over it. YOUR RABBIT should by no means BE ALLOWED TO devour ANY NON-natural materials.