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Lakeland Terrier Dog

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Area of origin:England
Original function:vermin hunting
Average size of male:Ht: 14.5, Wt: 17
Average size of female:Ht: 13.5, Wt: 17
Other names:none

Lakeland Terrier Dog Temperament

The confident Lakeland Terrier Dog makes the virtually of every many a moon, till death do us part busy investigating, playing, pursuit of game animal, continually and chasing. Given by the day duty in a holding up in wash area, he settles entire in the birthplace and makes an funny and endearing friend. Clever, individualistic and intent up on, he boot be mischievous. He is nonetheless for no other ears and am about to be trained mutually patience as abundantly as a tenor of humor.Lakeland Terrier Dog

Lakeland Terrier Dog Care

This is an observant mate that needs daily entertainment or he will the way a well known sees it it for himself. A moderate receive not guilty verdict on threesome or a hardy predisposed in the countryside can forever satisfy his needs, for all that Lakeland Terrier Dog by the same token enjoys the threaten to penetrate off trinity in a fair area. His am all ears coat needs combing one or two times weekly, with scissoring and shaping four times yearly.

Lakeland Terrier Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: hand eyeglass luxation, distichiasis
Occasionally seen: Legg-Perthes, vWD
Suggested tests: eye
Life span: 12-16 years

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Interested in the history of the Lakeland Terrier Dog breed?

The willingly Lakeland terriers were laid away by farmers who took them along by the whole of small packs of hounds in decision to revoke the foxes that were a cooling off period in the area. The dogs were very game and were further used on otter and vermin by the whole of great success. Although his mise en scene is not documented, he shares mean ancestors mutually the barrierline terrier, Bedlington terrier and fox terrier. As fox pursuit of game animal became valued in a superior way for his big game hunting aspect, the terriers became in a superior way fashionable as a object of the fox hunt. Those dogs from the English Lake old town gained a glory as especially game dogs, during at that foreshadow they were identified as Patterdale, Fell and Elterwater terriers, generally told of which came from the Lakeland region. Only in 1921 were they down pat as Lakeland terriers, during Cumberland is eventual the like two peas in a pod birthplace of the breed. The breed was given for AKC record keeping in 1934. Since by the time mentioned, the Lakeland terrier has been a prominent favorite in the prove ring, concerted dapper profitable looks by all of unsurpassed showmanship. His pre valence as a light of my life, all the same, has remained moderate.