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How to Keep Your Senior Cat Healthy

5 Tips to Keep Your Senior Cat Healthy

How to Keep Your Senior Cat Healthy

A senior cat has one of a kind fitness requirements than a more youthful cat. here are a few suggestions to help you preserve your senior cat wholesome.

The Health Check Up for your Cats

Make certain your senior cat has ordinary visits with your veterinarian. In truth, many veterinarians propose that senior cats have to be examined twice a 12 months, even greater so if your cat has critical fitness problems. a radical bodily examination by way of your veterinarian might also screen fitness problems which could affect your cat’s life and comfort level, which include dental sickness, arthritis, coronary heart disease, kidney sickness and more.

Change In Behavior

Watch your senior cat’s behavior carefully. That is vital for all pets but doubly so for senior cats. adjustments in your cat’s conduct may be a symptom of sickness. Watch especially for modifications in your cat’s appetite and water intake. watch for changes in urinary and bowel behavior and changes in sleep routines. if your cat becomes irritable for no motive, it can be due to the fact he is in pain, having difficulty seeing, or having a hard time listening to nicely. Any adjustments to your senior cat’s exercises or behaviors need to spark off a consultation along with your veterinarian.

To Get Around

Be aware that your senior cat can also have ache as a result of arthritis or other health issues that make it hard for him to get around in addition to he did when he was more youthful. keep in mind presenting ramps or stairs to allow your senior cat get entry to fixtures or beds. Ramps on stairs might also make it easier on your pet to arise and down the stairs, and carpeting on slippery flooring may additionally help your dog gain his footing. A litter field with lower sides can make it easier to your cat to get inside and out of the box, and an additional clutter container in some other part of the house can help to prevent injuries.

Appropriate Diet For Your Cat

Nutritional requirements may additionally trade as your cat a while. it is critical that you offer your senior cat a pet food this is age suitable. a few older pets generally tend to advantage weight and might want a food plan for much less active cats. Others might also have trouble conserving their weight and might need a food regimen with a higher calorie content material or higher palatability. Older cats additionally can also have sicknesses that may be manipulated and/or controlled at the least in part thru food plan. Your veterinarian can help you pick out an appropriate weight-reduction plan in your senior cat primarily based on cat’s man or woman nutritional requirements.

Cat’s Bed

Provide smooth blankets and towels to your senior cat’s mattress. this will help him to rest easier and sleep higher. There are even special orthopedic beds made for senior cats. similarly to having a denser shape to help cushion your senior cat’s growing old joints, some orthopedic beds can be outfitted with a heat and/or vibration source, which increases move and decreases stiffness — ideal for puppies with arthritis.